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Grand Junction CounselorStephen Anthony, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor

Areas of Focus
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Marriage/Relationship, and Addictions (Sexual, Drug and Alcohol)

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We all experience seasons of life where we feel stuck or overwhelmed. It takes courage to seek out the support we deserve. I know this first hand because of my own personal therapeutic work.

Originally from New Jersey, I enjoy hiking, camping, cycling, basketball, soccer, playing scrabble, and going on adventures with my beautiful wife and two amazing sons.

My life’s purpose is to bring healing and freedom to others. I am grateful for the training I received at Denver Seminary, where I received a Masters degree in Community Counseling. I have worked in the counseling field for the past 10 years. My training is in a broad range of areas, but some of my specialties are: anxiety, depression, trauma, couples work, and addictions (sexual, drug and alcohol).

I also was trained at the Splankna Therapy Institute in Denver. Splankna therapy is Christian mind body work, and the first Biblically based protocol for Energy Psychology. I am an EMDR trained practitioner.

Extending others grace and compassion, and helping them receive lasting healing and freedom, is an honor and a privilege. Your work with me will reflect your individuality, your unique life experience, and the self-knowledge you already possess.

I would be honored to journey with you in your path towards more peace and wholeness!

counseling in grand junctionCori Pearl, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Areas of Focus
Women’s Issues, Couples, Teen Girls, Eating Disorders, Parenting, Depression & Anxiety, & Spiritual Issues

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After several years on the Front Range attending Colorado State University for my undergraduate degree and Denver Seminary to complete the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, my husband and I moved to the Western Slope.  We decided to plant roots in Grand Junction and are blessed to have two young children. On the weekends, you’ll find us enjoying the incredible mountain biking/running terrain, as well as camping and rafting the river.

My hope is that therapy would be both a comfortable place to see life more clearly, while paired with needed challenges that encourage positive changes for health and personal growth. Venturing through life feeling disconnected, fearful, or shameful can have a strong negative impact, yet I’m encouraged that therapy can catalyze joy and fulfillment through small changes over time.

When I think about joy and fulfillment, I envision connection, relationships, warmth, and hope. We were all created to go through life bound in meaningful relationships that bring value to our lives.   My objective is to be a trusted, safe place for clients to heal emotionally, restore broken relationships, and love themselves.

I look forward to working with you and your loved ones in a gentle manner to bring insight, clarity, and positive growth to life’s complicated situations. My hope is to be a part of a greater story of healing and restoration!

Denise Wilkerson
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Areas of Focus
Marriage and Family Counseling, Addictions, Teen Girls, Female Issues, and Spiritual Issues

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my bio!  I consider it an honor to work with each person God brings my way.  One of the missions of my life is to help people THRIVE.  I was a teacher for fifteen years and an educational coordinator for five years at a treatment center for girls.  I have worked in a church setting as a co-pastor and I have run a business with my husband for fifteen years.

Having raised three grown children, I am now enjoying being a grandmother.  I have a strong passion to see communities thrive and function in a healthy way with no one left out.

In regards to counseling, I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families.  I align myself with Narrative Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Counseling.  I am honored to work with you and help you move towards your goals so that you can THRIVE in your life.

Mac Fish, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Areas of Focus
EMDR, Trauma, Existential Crisis, Anxiety, Depression, and Addictions (Sexual, Drug, and Alcohol).

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At critical times in our lives we may struggle with finding meaning and purpose. It is in this journey that we each attempt to define a life worth living, even in the most tragic of circumstances. Healing the past so that we can function in the present moment, and then begin finding the reasons for why we continue to move forward is a journey worth taking. “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I have discovered meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in my life by coming along side others and journeying with them during their darkest hours, helping to provide healing from trauma in the past, becoming stable in the present moment and then ultimately encouraging people to find their “why.”

As a Colorado native, I love spending quality time with my awesome wife, exploring the wilderness, snowboarding, training for triathlons, playing board games, hanging out with my family, and of course adventuring with our lovely dogs Sati, Lucy, Eva, and Kahunah.

As a counselor, my style tends to be direct, compassionate, and practical. The training I received from Colorado Christian University, where I received a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling, has been a wonderful blessing in my life. I also have training and experience as a missionary in Africa with “Word to Africa Botswana” where I received a rich background in biblical theology, counsel, and enrichment. We of course can utilize scripture and prayer to guide our process of healing if you so desire.

One area of interest and clinical specialty for me is healing trauma as an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) practitioner. EMDR is a specialized technique for people who have experienced trauma which results in a person having triggers. This can seem intrusive, unwelcome, overwhelming, and never ceasing. EMDR helps people get unstuck! Another area of clinical training and specialization that I use in my counseling practice is called “Logotherapy,” which helps us to discover meaning and purpose in your life, even in the most tragic of circumstances.

I am truly blessed to walk with you on your journey towards healing and life.