Stephen offers a healing community experience for men. In these communities men have the opportunity to shed their isolation, discover the uniqueness and the nuances of their own manhood, reclaim what was lost, create expressions of authentic self-empowerment, experience participation in genuine brotherhood where men are not asked to give up part of themselves in order to belong, and receive the blessing that is their birthright.


Stephen's mission is to help men heal from past abuse, lies, defeats, and brokenness. He has worked with a lot of men who've been where you're at -- in a separation, in an affair, stuck in addiction, relationship doesn't work, feel angry or depressed-- Stephen can help!


Your work with Stephen will reflect your individuality, your unique life experience, and the self-knowledge you already possess—whether you are seeking individual therapy, couple’s counseling, men’s counseling, family counseling, or other counseling assistance with your life and those you care about. [MORE ABOUT STEPHEN]











Please Note:


Rebecca Anthony will be taking maternity leave on

June 26, 2012 so she is not currently taking any new clients.















It takes much courage to consider getting support for a more balanced and fulfilling life. The mission of Grand Junction Counseling is to facilitate emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing and freedom to adolescents, adults, and families


Here are a few steps to setup an appointment with either Stephen or Rebecca:


First Step is to either call (970) 640-2428 for Stephen or (970) 640-0385 for Rebecca or fill out the contact form. A counselor will contact you within 24-hours to setup an appointment to meet with you, your partner, and/or kids.


Even if your partner or chidren are reluctant or unwilling, we encourage you to contact us. We are confident in our ability to help you and your relationships.

Second Step is to download the New Client Packet at New Client Forms, fill it out and bring with you to the first session.

Office is located in downtown Grand Junction. Click here to find locations to our office.